Property Management Services In Belfast, North Down & East Antrim

At Watson Property, we have five generations of experience in property management, we started collecting rents in 1889!

We now use ground-breaking property management systems and software to keep our landlords fully updated in real time. What we were then and still are today, is a friendly family firm, offering quality services at honest and transparent fees.

In terms of buy to let property, the monetary investment you make is made with the idea that the asset will provide an income.

If you overspend on your asset, or overspend on the running costs of your asset ie. property management and letting fees, the investment produces a smaller return, which in turn produces less income for you.

Earning the most from your property investment starts with being savvy about what you pay for property management.

Okay, so you've landed on the right page on the right website, so without further ado, here are our services and fees. Feel free to ask any questions at any time. We do hope to talk to you soon!

Features of our Property Management Package

Priced at 5% of your rent (£35 is our minimum monthly fee)

No VAT is added to our fees

  • Leave it to us, we look after all minor and routine maintenance, so you don't have to.
  • We inspect your property in detail twice a year, additional inspections if you require them are priced at £30 per visit.
  • Your tenant deals with us through the signing up process and throughout the tenancy, we sign all the documentation on your behalf. You don't have to meet up unless you would like to.
  • Your tenant pays us the rent and we deduct all charges from this before forwarding the balance to you.
  • We will register the deposit for you in a government approved scheme, the fee for this is £30.
  • If you are just setting out and need us to find a tenant, or when your current tenancy comes to an end, we will find and install a new tenant for you for just £188.90

We check in/check out your tenant and complete a basic inventory / check out report.

  • If you would prefer an Independent Inventory to be carried out at check in and check out, we will arrange this for you.
  • This is a preferred option as an Independent Inventory carries more credibility if there is a dispute over damages at the end of the tenancy.
  • Fees start from £60 and scale up depending on the size of your property.

We use ESTAS award winning property management software featuring:

  • Automated invoicing and tenant payment notifications
  • Automated statements and landlord communications
  • Owner App where landlords can see if the rent has been paid, income on their portfolio, third-party payment status and much more.

Property management Q & A

There are many letting agents, why choose Watson Property?

Our offer is one of generations of experience matched with modern 'Prop Tech'. We have been managing properties on behalf of our landlords since 1889, and remain a family business today.

In recent years we have invested heavily in cutting edge property management software, to bring our clients and tenants bang up to date information in real time, and our latest innovation is our automated viewing booking service to enable future new tenants to book viewing appointments even when we are closed. When it comes to delivering a first class property management service, we are well ahead of the game!

How come I don't see many Watson Property 'For Rent' signs?

Letting agents use signs primarily for advertising their brand.

Online is where it's at these days, a sign won't make a jot of difference to shifting your rental! Good honest advice. However, if you still want a sign, we can provide one for the hire charge of £50.

Is my property priced right?

Before we list a property for rent, we will give you our opinion on a price band which is a good balance between getting your rental off the ground quickly, and earning you the most in current market conditions.

If, for example, you price 10% over the odds for the area and wait a month to find a tenant, then you will have lost a months' rent, a loss which could take you months or even years to recoup. Time is money after all.

What is the most important thing to do when preparing my property for rental?

Presentation. Presentation. Presentation. If you want to rent quickly, attract the most attention, and achieve the best rent, then don't cut corners on presentation.

Even a good professional clean between tenancies will greatly help over and above anything else. Need we say more? We're always happy to help and advise you to get there, we know exactly what tenants go mad for, so please ask.

What sorts of maintenance work can you handle?

With donkey's years of experience working with reputable local firms, we can cover all basis, whether for organising your annual gas safe certificate, PAT tests, sourcing furniture and appliances, or simply for arranging a fresh coat of paint and a professional clean between tenancies, just leave it with us.

If it's something more major, we have specialists who can advise you, from architects to building contractors.

Can I move my portfolio to Watson Property?

Yes of course, we handle everything for you and there is no extra charge for this service.

Any more questions?

We're always happy to use our expertise to help our clients, so please don't hesitate to ask.

Getting Started

Call or fill in the below contact form and we will call you at a convenient time.

We will visit you to take photos and prepare the particulars for listing the property online.

Usually, 24hrs after taking photos, your property will be on the market, and you'll be well on the way to finding your ideal new tenant!

Prefer to self-manage your property, but would like to find a quality new tenant?

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