Application Form

One form is required per applicant aged 18 years and over. Please read the application guidance notes below, before completing this form.

Please check you have entered all details correctly:

Desired Property

Applicant Details

Current Residential Status

Employment Details

Employment Status
Note: Inaccurate information will invalidate your application.

Current or Previous Landlord

Guarantor's Details

You may be asked to provide a Guarantor as a mandatory condition of tenancy - please ensure that your nominated Guarantor has given full consent to credit checks, providing proof of home ownership, and signing a Guarantor agreement before passing on their details. An acceptable Guarantor must be a homeowner in Northern Ireland.

Note: If you cannot provide a suitable Guarantor, you may still be accepted if you offer to pay double the advertised deposit.

Do you have a Guarantor resident in Northern Ireland and a homeowner?
Does your Guarantor own their own home?

Application Guidance Notes

We operate a two stage application process.

Stage One

Please submit the online application first of all.

Stage Two

Should you be invited to do so, you may submit a formal application through Home Let, details of the application process, and our Terms & Conditions are below. At this point, you must provide I.D. and pay the relevant fees. We employ a tenant referencing company called Home Let to check that the information you have already given us is accurate. The cost of this is £30 per applicant, and unlike many other letting agents, we only process one paid for application at a time.

Terms & Conditions

Checking affordability - please check that you can afford the rent

The recommended Affordability Ratio is 1:30. Affordability is usually calculated on an income versus rent scenario, so far every £100 of monthly rent, the applicant (or combined applicants) must have an income of at least £3,000 per annum, so for a rent of £500 per month, the applicant(s) must have an income of at least £15,000 per annum and so on.

Completing a Home Let application form online

Firstly, you must each complete a Home Let tenant declaration form. A Home Let application must be completed for all adults intending to reside at the property; these are individually emailed to and completed online by each applicant, and you will have up to 12hrs to complete the form. You will be able to track the progress of your application online. Application forms not completed within 12hrs window may be declared void.

Photographic Identification we need from you

We cannot process your application unless we're in receipt of a scan (or good quality photograph) of your current photographic I.D.* (such as Passport or Driving Licence). Applicants from overseas may also be required to supply further documents such as a biometric residence permit or national residence card.

*Your original papers must also be made available for our agents to check.

Details Home Let will need from you

Home Let may ask for various credentials such as your last three months' payslips, or contract of employment, your National insurance number and proof of address. Home Let will also need to contact referees such as your employer or current landlord. You can help to speed up the application process by making sure your online form is filled in quickly, and your referees respond promptly. Applications taking longer than three days to process may be considered void.

Do I need a Guarantor?

You may be asked to provide a guarantor as a condition of tenancy. Your Guarantor may also be subject to checks by Home Let to prove suitability. A credible Guarantor is typically a homeowner resident in Northern Ireland with a satisfactory annual salary. Your Guarantor will be required to sign the agreement in person and to provide proof of home ownership. Once your Guarantor has signed the Guarantor Agreement, they are legally bound as per the terms stated on the agreement. If you cannot provide a suitable Guarantor, you may be required to pay a substantially larger deposit than advertised.

Fixed Term Tenancies

Most tenancies are offered on a fixed term of six or twelve months, and a new fixed term may be offered at the end of the initial period if all parties agree. If the tenant breaks the tenancy agreement mid-term, they will be liable for all rental payments due up until the end of the fixed term, and the deposit shall be forfeited in full.

Securing the Property

The property shall remain on the open market until the applicant has:

  • Submitted their Home Let application form online.
  • Allowed the agent to inspect photographic and address I.D. and provided the agent with scans/photocopies/photographs of I.D.
  • Paid the Holding Fee (Usually the equivalent of one month's rent, payable in Cash or by Bank Transfer).

Note: If your application is unsuccessful or has not been fully completed within the timescales allowed, the property may be remarketed and offered to other applicants.

Holding Deposit / Fee

The Holding Deposit / Fee is accepted with the understanding that you have committed to begin the tenancy on an agreed date i.e. please note that once paid, this deposit will not be refunded to you under any circumstances if you fail to honour this agreement.

Tenancy Deposit

In the case of managed properties, the deposit will be managed by the agent and in the case of non-managed properties, your landlord will be responsible for managing your deposit. Your deposit should be returned to you in full within 28 days of the end of the tenancy term, provided you have honoured the full term tenancy, are not in rent arrears, have handed the property back in a properly cleaned and acceptable manner with all fictures present, and have complied with all the terms and conditions included in the Tenancy Agreement. An Inventory of the proeprty contents and condition will be compiled on the day you move in and you will receive a copy of this. The property will be inspected when you are leaving and will be compared to the original Inventory.


The first month's rent must be paid before you receive the keys. For the duration of your tenancy, the rent is payable one month in advance by either standing order or bank transfer.